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If you are looking for a dog walking harness that will get your dog walking beside you and stop them from pulling on the lead then the WaggWalker® is your answer.

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I have tried 10 different methids, collars, leashes, etc. and nothing worked. This worked!!! My 65lb pound dog walks like a dream now, I am so excited. Best thing ever, and I am so happy.

Brigit M.

I have a young English bulldog that would pull like crazy. We ussed a gentle lead and she still pulled until her eyes were red and she choked. she also has a lot of prey insticts and was after every squirel, bird or bunny. From the momend we put this harness on her, it worked. I worried that it would stop working with subsequent walks, it still works! We are able to walk her every day and enjoy taking her. I would highly recommend!


I've tried everything and nothing has worked to stop my dog from pulling - until now! This harness works incredibly well. I used to hate walking my dog, but now it's a pleasure and our walks have gotten much longer.

Gina H
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Take the lead and get tails wagging with the WaggWalker®!
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About us

Global dog company was founded by Sylvia and Danny Wilson, both expert dog trainers for over 30 years. During her 10 years managing an RSPCA shelter, Sylvia would observe and analyze the behaviour and communication methods of the hundreds of dogs that came into the shelter. Saddened that so many dogs were abandoned or euthanized for behavioural issues, Sylvia knew these problems stemmed from a lack of consistent leadership. She also knew that she could help resolve them. 

Danny and Sylvia have developed highly effective training methods and products to support dog training and communication. Global dog products have been designed with passion and care sourcing high quality durable and non-toxic materials.

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