Barking: Is it Normal Behaviour?


While many people consider barking to be a normal behaviour, excessive barking is a behavioural problem and it is often a sign that your dog is stressed-not to mention that it can cause great stress for YOU in public places with your dog, or if you live in a community where your neighbours can hear your dog bark too!

Dogs bark in a variety of situations:

  • When their owners arrive home
  • When their owners leave home
  • When visitors come to the house
  • When they hear other dogs barking
  • When playing
  • To demand attention from their owner
  • When they want to go outside
  • When they want to be fed
  • When scared or startled
  • When getting their owners to play fetch
  • When fighting
  • At passers-by or animals outside

...or for no obvious reason at all!

If you have been telling your dog to stop barking, yet he continues or stops but immediately starts again, you are not getting through to them or getting to the root of what is causing them stress. Some other important facts to know about your dog’s or puppy's barking can be found by clicking here or on the image below.


 If you are having any trouble with your dog and it's constant barking, you can always find a dog trainer by visiting