How Smart Is Your Dog?


What are leaders normally pretty good at? Communicating.

So when we talked about you being your dog's leader the other day, the decision maker in the relationship. Canine communication is pretty much what we had in mind. 

Sure, walking through the door or gate first demonstrates leadership qualities. But, how you communicate with your dog is crucial.

We all know that dogs have a great sense of hearing and its one of their greatest attributes. They hear noises, well before we do. It naturally follows that using sound to train and condition your dog to walk at your side on a loose lead, is a smart move, that will benefit you and your dog.

The more common ‘harnesses’ of today for dog walking, have been widely adopted. But, they do put the dog in a superior position, one of strength over the human and offer a reduced level of control for the walker and often lead to owners being dragged along, when their dog spots another dog or something more interesting up ahead. 

It also causes skeletal, muscle and tendon damage to both dog and walker.

Instead. Imagine a harness that employs sound, one of your dog’s greatest attributes, which communicates to your dog where you want him to walk and places you in control of the walk.

That’s exactly what we developed and it’s called the WaggWalker®️ by Bark Busters®!

We call it a ‘Communication Harness’ as it includes a small section of chain that makes a noise without even touching your dogs' skin. And it educates your dog to walk calmly by your side by simply using a ‘flick and release’ motion.

Click here to see the WaggWalker®️ in use.

As always, the Global Dog family spend their time helping you create and maintain a positive relationship with your dog. This is just another example.

Any questions, just send us an email.